writing: vice verso



by Sylvia Libedinsky

‘The title of this book Sobretodo’ in Spanish is the word for ‘overcoat’, but the
literal translation means ‘about everything’, and this anthology of 105 of poems
is exactly that: touching on politics: the Panama Papers, assassinations,
corruption, Spain separatism, Brexit, Trump, to the way to Climate Change,
always using language as an art of sounds and often twisting meanings for
comment, disquiet or simply for fun!
Paperback –Illustrated by Madelon Vriesendrop 20cm x13cm
in Spanish


Price: £6 + £1.50 postage (weighs 217 grams) UK Only
“The musicality of the language, the versification and her eye for the absurd in everyday
life have distinguished Sylvia Libedinsky as a caricaturist not only in her drawings but
also in her irreverent and humorous verse. And if there is a kind of constant in Libedinsky’s
work it is the caricature, the mockery at the expense of reality, the ironic and mocking gaze
of many of the objects that surround us, as well of the political events
and the social trends of the moment”.
“La musicalidad del lenguaje, la versificación y su ojo por lo absurdo
de la cotidianidad han distinguido a Sylvia Libedinsky como
caricaturista no solo del dibujo si no también del verso irreverente y
humorístico. Y es que si hay una especie de constante en el trabajo
de Libedinsky es la caricatura, la mofa a costa de la realidad, la
mirada irónica y burlona de los muchos de los objetos que nos
rodean, así también como de los acontecimientos políticos y de las
tendencias sociales del momento.

Juan Toledo
Revista PerroNegro