Exhibitions Include:

2023 Sylvia Libedinsky’ at CCCA, San Bois. Barcelona/ Spain

2023 ‘Libros de Artista del Siglo Pasado. Takes part in a group exhibition at ‘Arcimboldo Arte Contemporaneo’ Buenos Aires.

2019 “On The Same Page – Page Turner” Group Exhibition

2019 ‘The Art of the Absurd’ GX Gallery London, UK

2018 ‘Milking It’, With Madelon Vriesendorp.  Not in NewYork Gallery, Rotterdam.

2016 ‘Ghosts’ With Nick Wadley. Ambassador’s Residence in London- part of the Playhouse exhibition during the “Open House” event. Shadow Installation.

2016 ‘Argentine Tango Anthem’ Ambassador’s Residence in London- part of the Playhouse exhibition during the “Open House” event. A looped recording of a recital of the anthem with the original lyrics slightly adapted to the music of Carlos Gardel.

2015 ‘Doubletakeaway’ With Nick Wadley. Owl Bookshop and Bookartbookshop, London. Book launch of ‘Doubletakeaway’, an anthology of cartoons originally published by the Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times.

2014 ‘Night of Ideas’ Casa Latinamerica Festival, Rose Lipman House, London. Projections Installation

2013 ‘The Idol Tower’ The Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Assistant to Madelon Vriesendorp’s masterclass.

2013 ‘British Architecture in Argentina’ Organizer of event at the Architectural Association, London UK commissioned by the  Argentine Embassy in London.

2013 ‘Unfold’ group show London Print Studio, London UK , featuring  artist’s books for the London Design Festival

2013 ‘Journey through the Landscape’, London UK. Exhibition design commissioned by the British Council and the Argentine Embassy in London.

2012 ‘Still Lives’, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France

2012 ‘Still Lives With Cocoa’, BookArtBookShop, London, UK

2011 ‘bicycles’ ‘Chain Mail Exhibition’, group show Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, California,U.S.A

2011 ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ BookArtBookShop, London, UK

2011 ‘Comica Argentina’ (curated with Paul Gravett), Kings Place and Canning House, London, UK

2010 ‘Cortes y Recortes’ (with Madelon Vriesendorp and Nick Wadley). Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2006 ‘A Score Draw’. European Commission, London, UK

2006 ‘Summer Dreaming’. Group Show. Jaggedart, London, UK

2006  ‘Mauvaises Compagnies’ . Jim Haynes Gallery , Paris, France.

2006 ‘Segismundo y otros Mundos’. La Sala Vinçon. Barcelona, Spain

2005 ‘Dibujos’ (with Nick Wadley). La Ventana Cemicual , Santiago de Chile

2004 ‘Gente’ (with Nick Wadley). Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires Argentina

2003 ‘Heads you Win’ (with Nick Wadley). Mexico Gallery, London, UK

2003 ‘Men in Suits’ (with Nick Wadley). CineContact, London, UK

2000 ‘Vested Interests’ (with Nick Wadley and other cartoonists from the Financial Times, British Cartoon Trust, London, UK

1998 ‘Doubletakeaway’ (with Nick Wadley). British Council. Bologna, Italy

1998 ‘The Secret Life of Clothes’ (group show), Artium, Fukuoka, Japan

1997 ‘Dream of Urbanity’ (group show). Chapter Gallery, Cardiff, Wales.

1997 Dream of Urbanity (group show). Stanford St, London, UK

1993 ‘Graffiti’. Galerie de Genieloods, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1992 ‘On Whose Chair are you Sitting?’  Graphics, Mantua,  Shed. Milan, Italy.

1992 ‘On Whose Chair are you Sitting?’. Skanno, Helsinki, Finland

1990 ‘Operation Shoulder-Power’. Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

1990 ‘Cult Chair’. Sylvia Libedinsky. Art Directions, London, UK

1989 ‘Chairs’ (group show). Crucial Gallery, London, UK

1984 ‘Software by Marshmallow’ Chelsea College of Art, London, UK.

1972 ‘A Psshak of your Own’. ‘Cube Seating’. ICA, London, UK