Forthcoming exhibition

Sylvia Libedinsky
the art of the absurd
GX Gallery
43 Denmark Hill
London SE5 8RS
7th February to 1st March 2019

“Sylvia Libedinsky: the art of the absurd” brings together a remarkable body of work by an artist whose wry humour and distinctive 2-D and 3-D graphic art defies categorisation. Drawing together work in a variety of media – acrylic and/or ink on paper, card and fabric, as well as works made from foam, fabric and folded card, LED sculptures and light and shadow projections – this exhibition explores Libedinsky’s intriguingly eclectic output: what appears to be spontaneous wit is in fact the result of a profound, carefully considered and irreverent understanding of life’s many absurdities.



“Libedinsky plays with words…..and with images as well, mixing the strangely new with the unexpectedly familiar. Where words and pictures meet in art we are always close to satire or cartoon, a world subverted and subversive too. Libedinsky’s imaginative world is rumbustious, Hogarthian. She share’s Hogarth’s scepticism and indeed Beckett’s  resourcefulness in the face of the absurd.”

(Rosemary Hill – writer and historian)


This exhibition reveals Libedinsky’s many talents – her imagination, humour, astute observations and innate invention as a designer.”

(Madelon Vriesendorp – artist and co-founder of the Office
of Metropolitan Architecture)


“Libedinsky has an appetite for fantasies rooted in the familiar: it colours all her work, uninhibited by High Art pretentions.”

(Nick Wadley – art historian, artist and author)